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170th Street and Future Rabbit Hill Road
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Glenridding Retail Space

An upcoming commercial site in Southwest Edmonton

Rohit Commercial is proud to present one of its prestige commercial leasing opportunities at Glenridding. Be a part of the expanding Southwest of Edmonton where you will cater to several surrounding communities. Glenridding is located within the Windermere Area along 170th street and Rabbit Hill Road (Realigned) providing excellent visibility. Furthermore, the site will also have a connector road that will come directly through Blackmud Creek. North of our site will be a large green space with a proposed Recreational Facility.

  • The Glenridding community itself will have a build out population of approximately 4,346.
  • Surrounding the site will be a mix of low and high density housing.
  • Current traffic counts for the area have shown strong increases from 2006 and continue to grow to substantial numbers.
  • Windermere is estimated to have a build out population of approximately 75,652. The area is generally denoted to have a higher income bracket that is above $100,000.
  • 170 Street is also intended to connect to Highway 2 (towards the airport).

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