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Orchards Gate


An attractive new Southside opportunity on 91 Street and 25 Ave, Orchards Gate is located in the Ellerslie Industrial Business Zone and offers 51,437 square feet of office and retail space. Its appeal is its location at the entrance to The Orchards, a neighborhood belonging to the Ellerslie Area Structure Plan. Ellerslie is home to over 5,500 people.

Traffic counts surrounding Orchards Gate are strong with Ellerslie Road seeing a traffic count of over 20,000 during an average weekday. In addition, construction on 91st Street is now complete expanding the arterial roadway south to 41st Ave, the Nisku Spine Road, and the new QE II/41st Ave interchange thus increasing accessibility.


  • 36,670 square feet of office and retail space
  • Ellerslie road sees a traffic count of over 20,000 during an average weekday
  • 91 Street traffic sees over 18,000 during an average weekday
  • Current expansion of 91st street to 41st Ave, the Nisku spine road, and the new QE II/41st Ave interchange increases accessibility
  •  The neighbourhoods of Orchards and Summerside have seen the City of Edmonton’s largest population growth over the past five years
  • Over 15,000 people live in the surrounding areas of Ellerslie, Summerside and Orchards
  • Average household income of Summerside is over $127,000, well over the city’s average of $90,000